Australian Photography Magazine (2018)

High Commendation Award in the ‘Travel’ Category of APM’s Photographer of the Year 2018 Competition

Matty was recently awarded a Highly Commended Award for his portfolio ‘Summer Hikes’ in the Travel category. The 2018 competition was the largest in the six years of running Photographer of the Year, so to be recognised at this level was a significant achievement. The images that received this accolade can be seen below.

Beneath the Waves (2018)

Cinematographer & Director of Photography

In a recent short film entitled Beneath the Waves,  Matty was hired by Director James Cunningham from Presidential Productions as Cinematographer and Director of Photography. With its early success in being officially selected at the Sicily International Film Festival (2018), Matty's work on the project has been documented by Melbourne-based writer Vanessa Abbott in an article entitled Endless Summer published in the March 2018 edition of Australian Cinematographer. The article can be viewed here.

“I loved Loucas’ visuals. Some of the work on his online portfolio was just perfect in regards to the direction I wanted to take with this film.”
— Director, James Cunningham

'Happy Ever After' Music Video (2018) 

Videographer & Editor

In preparation for their 2017/18 Social Misfit Tour and EP release Happy Ever After, Almond Soy enlisted the services of Matty Loucas Visuals to film the single's music video. The shoot took place "bright and early on a Sunday morning" and was shot in continuous take. Having gained quite a following on their tour, Almond Soy had the chance to sit down in an interview with AAA Backstage to discuss the tour and the music video. The article can be viewed here.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.09.03 pm.jpg
Matty really captured the vibe and feeling of the location which truly means so much to us.
— Brandon Jefferson, lead singer for Almond Soy